Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand and value the importance of transparency and will be in full communication if any unfortunate circumstances might force us to cancel our event(s). We do have a full contingency plan in place should the need arise

  • If a Dancer gets injured and is unable to dance we will offer a full refund (with a Doctor’s note) or the choice to be adjudicated virtually on a previous performance and 50% refund. 
  • If a Dancer is sick or unwell, we will offer the choice to be adjudicated virtually with a 50% refund (with a doctor’s note) or the ability to enter their routines at another Plie Prep event in the same season or the following season at no additional cost.
Liability Statement:

We know that dance is a high energy, full contact sport and injuries can occur during practice and performances. The safety of everyone is of utmost importance, however Plie Prep Inc., it’s employees and directors will not be held liable in the event of an injury during one of our events. We encourage dancers and parents to carefully consider the risks associated with dance.


The Safety of the Dancers comes first, always.  We believe that the teachers and choreographers know the Dancer’s skill set and limitations better than anyone.  WE REQUEST: that you choreograph accordingly for everyone’s safety.  We cannot say what skills/tricks are ‘safe’ for your students, only you and your individual dancers know that.  **Please remember that every stage and rehearsal space is different, and they can vary from day to day.  Dancers will NEVER be penalized for changing a trick to a ‘safer’ version for themselves. Plie Prep Inc does not assume any responsibility or liability for what is in your choreography.

During the event the dancers are to be supervised by either their Parent/Guardian or their teacher(s).  Under no circumstance is the Plie Prep team responsible for supervising youth under 18.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this.