Events in 2025

Dates & locations: 

  • Sherwood Park, AB – Mar 6-9, 2025
  • Grande Prairie, AB – Mar 27-30, 2025
  • Calgary, AB – April 3-6, 2025
  • Morinville, AB – April 24-27, 2025
  • Lethbridge, AB – April 30-May 4, 2025
  • Calgary, AB – May 1-4, 2025

Why choose Plie Prep?

Simply put… we get it, and our events reflect that.

We provide an enjoyable and encouraging experience for your Dancer, your Studio, your Teachers AND your Dance Parents.

We understand the challenges studios face right now– and we know you have many festival/competition options to choose from for your studio…

At Performing for Purpose, we want to see your Dancers smile, their confidence to grow and the physical/emotional/mental benefits of dance to be realized. Our Dance Festivals celebrate every individual dancer, giving them each a time to shine and encourages the joy of performing.

A few things that set us apart (in our opinion) are our Core Values;

  1. Gratitude & Appreciation- with elements of philanthropy & purpose of dance woven throughout.
  2. Encouragement & Confidence- we do our Solo Categories a bit different… and the feedback is wonderful!
  3. Inclusiveness, Dance is for everyone!  Awarding prizes based on highmarks AND performance quality, PLUS categories for dancers of all abilities.


We understand that dancers, parents and studios want a positive, fun experience and we want to work WITH you to achieve that. When you win, we win! Plie Prep provides perks for the studio, the teachers, the dancers AND the parents at EVERY event!

Our previous events…